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Introducing Liquid Yield NFTs

We invented the concept of Liquid Yield NFTs. It allows us to professionally yield-farm with the treasury (minting proceeds) and then airdrop $ETH profits to our NFT holders monthly. With Liquid Yield NFTs you will even earn a higher yield than yield-farming yourself.

Essential Readings

Liquid Yield NFTs

Learn the Basics

Understand the concept behind Liquid Yied NFTs. It is important for you to understand so you know how to be eligible for the monthly $ETH airdrops.

Treasury Strategy

How we’ll achieve 20% ROI on $ETH

We outline in great detail how exactly we are going to achieve a minimum yield of 20% on all minting proceeds.

Whitelisting Process

Just Pass Our Quiz

Find out how our unique whitelisting process works. It’s simple, but you will have to show your understanding of the project.

Join us today!

For all things Mythicals, best join our Discord server where we post daily updates. 

Why should you care?

First Liquid Yield NFT

Be part of the inaugural Mythicals drop, the first Liquid Yield NFT ever.

Protection for Minters

Our monthly airdrops make it mathematically impossible to lose money on minting given a long enough holding period.

We airdrop, no claiming (gas) required

You don’t have to do anything, no claiming, no gas costs, we will automatically airdrop the $ETH monthly right into your wallet.

Unique art conception

We hired a diverse team of artists and gave them all the same outline. Be prepared to see ‘the same image’ multiple times interpreted in a completely new way!

Strong community

Our Discord is growing every day and we already attracted many ‘bluechip’ NFT holders who understand and who are genuinely excited for our launch.

Future plans

Follow along for our future drops (different yield expectations, new mythical creature) and all the other things we have planned for Mythicals in the future.

A new approach to art

20 artists, 20 unique Dragons

Something special is flying our way

We hired a diverse team of artists from different genres and gave all of them the exact same outline. Everyone can choose between two scenarios and interpret it in their own unique style. The mythical creature of our first drop is, of course, going to be a dragon! It will either fly in the night sky or over a magical forest.

Check our Discord for early previews and sketches that our artists have already sent to us. There will even be a physical 1/1 artwork for the very lucky minter and we are all extremely excited to see the final work of everyone.

We will select the best artworks for our mint event in a ERC1155 collection featuring various quantities (from x/10 to x/500 for example) and price points.


Future plans


One drop per quarter

There will be one drop per quarter, each featuring a new yield-farming strategy (different ROI expectations) and a new mythical creature.


Rewards for our holders

Holders of previous drops will have easier access to all future drops (whitelist preference or mint price).


High-profile art collaborations

We are going to collaborate with some well-known artists for our future drops, making our NFTs even more valuable (famous name plus liquid yield).


Access to high-yield farming strategies

Future drops will feature more complex and active farming strategies that will target a yield of 50% (so probably 100% for minters given the liquid yield airdrop mechanics) and higher.

Who we are

Founding Team

Husband and wife founding team, previously exited an ecommerce company they have built together over 7 years. Early career experience at FANG companies and strong background in paid advertising. ETH holders since 2017, NFT entry via Cryptopunks in early 2021. Full-time yield-farmers since 2020.

What you want to know



We plan to launch (mint date) at the end of May (think May 30). We won’t rush and will only launch if we think demand is sufficient.


Join the Discord to find out all details. Basically you have to understand the Liquid Yield concept (read an article) and then pass a little test.



We will go for a ERC1155 collection consisting of several x/500 or x/1000 artworks (from our various artists) at different price points. Think of the typical Nifty Gateway, XCOPY or Beeple drop that features the same image in multiple NFTs (Edition of 100 for example).

Where can I ask a question?

We have a dedicated channel just for that in our Discord where the founding team personally replies to all questions.

Want to keep up to date?

The best place to keep informed about Mythicals is our Discord, the second best is Twitter.